Hello, Stranger

To me, being a journalist means I’m in the business of introducing strangers to one another. Someone will read a story about someone that they might otherwise never sit down and have a conversation with. Researching and writing an article is sort of like hosting a cocktail party, but without any cocktails, and with more fact-checking. That last bit is if you’re lucky. Fact-checkers are rare these days.

I’ve studied at UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism, studied colony collapse disorder as a Middlebury Fellow in Environmental Journalism, co-edited a magazine called Meatpaper, and worked as a writer and researcher for a book of maps called Infinite City (and later Nonstop Metropolis, which is the first and only time that a essay that I wrote became a mural at the Queens Museum).  I was a Knight Science Journalism Fellow at MIT and then a staff writer at Grist.org. Right now, I’m an editor at Sierra Magazine.

I’m interested in how things function. I’ve reported on how cities work, how agriculture works, how our bodies work. To me, they’re all aspects of the same story – how we like to think things get done and how they actually get done.

If you’d like to get in touch: hello [at] strangerworks.com

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